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With the US economy still flagging and with economic prospects slowing down, many are asking whether marijuana growing could be the sunshine industry that could solve a lot of problems. The proponents of marijuana legalization are loosely classified in two: as those who promote the legalization of medical marijuana and as those who promote both medical and recreational use. Experts are saying that legalization of marijuana could lead to a sharp halt in the hostilities between the government of Mexico and the drug cartels. By legalizing the use of marijuana, advocates argue that the strong US demand for marijuana will be met, the industry will be regulated, taxes would be paid to the government and law enforcement officials can focus on other things.

However, others are arguing that legalization of marijuana growing could lead to a further degeneration of morals and a further decline in public health. Still, observers are noting progress in some states like Colorado and its bourgeoning marijuana industry. With legal marijuana growers growing these plants under the scrutinizing eye of the state government and with everything from purchases, intake, distribution and sales closely monitored, it may indeed be something to look to as a viable economic solution. The number of jobs for this new industry could offset the ones lost by the economic slowdown and could also address one thing for sure: to ease the pain of those suffering from terminal diseases.

For now, debate rages on and advocates are hopeful that many who do not see eye to eye with them would realize that prohibition does not work. It is up to the next generation of lawmakers to study everything about the industry to see whether this would indeed benefit the economy without sacrificing the health of the general public. Health, peace and economy, these are the three issues surrounding the legalization of marijuana usage.

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